Today I have brought complete information about SEO and I am sure that people who do blogging will definitely like this information. If you are thinking of blogging, then you must also know about SEO. SEO is an important part of blogging. According to my experience, blogging without SEO can be impossible. So in today you know what is SEO, how to do SEO, what are the benefits of doing SEO. You can also learn SEO well through this post.

What Is SEO
What Is SEO

What Is SEO?

Before knowing about SEO, you also need to know the full name of SEO. Because even after being a blogger, you do not know the meaning of SEO, then it is very important for you. The full name of SEO is search engine optimization. Now we will learn easy language about what is SEO. SEO is an important part of blogging, through which we can rank our website in Google search engine.

With the help of SEO, we can also increase the traffic on our website. One thing is normal that when the traffic on your website increases, then your income will also increase. Let us now know about SEO in detail. We will also learn about search engine in this post.

what is search engine?

Many people also do blogging, yet they do not have knowledge about search engine. So in this post you try to understand about the search engine in easy language. A search engine is a platform where all the data on our website is collected. It simply means that whoever creates their website, that website has to be submitted to Google through google search console.

Let us tell you that google search console has also been made by Google itself. Many people also have this question in their mind that if we will submit our website through google search console then how does it work. We are going to know about this very well. To know about it, definitely read the post completely.

How search engine works

Let us tell you that the search engine works in three steps. About which we will know from step-wise detail.





First of all we will talk about crawling. First of all, when we create our website, then submit it, when we submit our website to Google, then first of all Google crawls our website. This simply means that Google reviews our website, for which Google has artificial robots.


When you submit your website, then it is the job of the artificial robot to index your crawled website on your server. Being indexed here means that your website will start appearing on Google. If you want good performance from your website. So you try to upload more and more posts on your website.


When you created your website and submitted it to Google. After submission it is indexed by the artificial robot. After being indexed, the job of artificial robot is that if a user searches a query in Google’s search box, then on the basis of the indexed website quality and authority, it should show in the search engine result page i.e. in the search engine result page. Through this post, we have come to know how the search engine works. You got the information about the true engine, how the search engine works, but you should also have the knowledge of how many types of search engines are there.

How many types of SEO

Let us tell you that the way the search engine works in three steps, in the same way there are three types of SEO. It is very important for you to have proper knowledge about it.

1.on page seo page seo

  1. technical SEO

1. On page seo

Most of the bloggers are aware of what is on page seo but bloggers who are new do not have any idea about what is on page seo for those people it is very important to know. When we optimize our blog and every post of the blog according to the guidelines of Google, then this process is called on page seo.

It simply means that in on page seo, we pay more attention to the design quality content of the blog so that our post ranks on the top. So that our income can increase. There are some things to keep in mind in on page seo which we have to keep in mind. Let us now focus on those important things which we have to keep in mind.

1. keyword research

Whenever we write an article for our blog, first of all we do keyword research that how many people have written articles in this topic. Most bloggers take the help of these tools to do keyword research. If you want, you can also use these tools to do keyword research. Which we are going to tell you about.




2. Use of keywords in heading(h1,h2) paragraphs

Whenever you write an article on a topic, you should keep in mind that the title of your post is written in the h1 heading, then you have to use the keyword in the title and at the same time you should also use the keyword in h2. And you have to do it in the first paragraph as well as you have to use keywords in the last paragraph as well.

According to my experience, whenever you write an article, you should use more and more keywords in that article so that your article remains on the top of Google.

3. Keyboard utility in title, meta, URL

When you write articles for your website, many times you forget to use keywords in a place where you must use keywords. When you write an article, you have to place the keywords in certain places like in the title of the post, in the meta discraption of the post, in the URL of the post, you have to use the keyword at all these places.

If you use keywords along with the title in all these places, then your post can rank very quickly. Google’s robot is seen at these three places and Google understands from this that on which topic the post has been written.

4. keyword density

When many bloggers make their start, they do not have many types of information, one of them is keyword density, about which very few bloggers have knowledge. When you write an article on a title, keep in mind that when you write 100 words, you must use the title at least once.

How many times you have used that keyword (title) on your post, it is called keyword density. You usually have to use 4% of the same word, do not use keywords everywhere, you are using keywords parallel to it. can. For example, let us tell you that you must use the title at least 10 times on 1000 words. If you people use keywords too much or too little, your SEO decreases.

5. quality content

The most important thing for you to keep in mind is that whatever content you write, you should try to write that content as unique as possible. With Unique, you must have understood that you should write that content in your own language. If you people copy any other content, then you are putting yourself in trouble because your chances of getting that content ranked are very less.

The more you write the contact in common language and explain it well to the user, the more your content will be helpful in terms of SEO. I believe that you people write more and more content using simple language so that your blog can rank quickly. page seo

Just as many bloggers do not have knowledge about On Page SEO, similarly many people do not have knowledge about Off Page SEO. If you are also one of those people, then let’s try to understand about Off Page SEO in simple language. In Off Page SEO, we look at the external setting of our website and increase the authority of our website.

We can also increase the rank of our website with Off Page SEO. I am going to give you complete information about how to increase the rank of your website through Off Page SEO. Read the post carefully to know the correct information.

We have 3 ways to increase the rank of website through Off Page SEO, you must read them, maybe you like those methods.

  1. blog comment

If you people want to increase the rank of your website, then you can link your website to a big blog whose page authority is good, there you can make a good comment and give a link to your article related to that topic. It is not necessary that you will only get dofollow backlinks from there, so no problem, Google has also asked for 20% no follow backlinks. If you guys do this then the rank of your website will rank very quickly.

2. guest post

In guest post, you have to find those websites similar to your blog which are quite famous and accept guest post, then you have to contact them and talk to them about guest post, after that they will tell you what you do for them. You can write a type of guest post after writing for their website, you have to submit it and they will review your post, if you publish it then you will get a backlink. And the rank of your website will also increase.

3. social media

If you are a blogger then you have to make your website page in every social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter because Google nowadays also sees how famous your website is in social media. If you make your website page on every social media platform and your website is noticed by Google, then the rank of your website will increase very quickly.

3.technical seo

Technical SEO is also a part of SEO, in which you have to take special care of the security of your blog. No one is cheating with your website, no one is hacking. You have to keep all these things in mind within Technical SEO. Whenever you submit the URL of your website to Google Search Console, by opening history, you must analyze whether Google is indexing your website or not. If your website is not getting indexed then this is also a problem for you.

How to do SEO

What Is SEO
How to do SEO

Many people do not know how to do SEO of the website. Now you do not need to be afraid to do SEO of your website because I will understand you in easy language in this post. Read all the things mentioned by me properly so that you can also do SEO of your website easily.

SEO of the website is very important for you. To do SEO, you should know about SEO, how SEO is done on the website, then you can do SEO easily, if you are doing SEO on worldpress website then you will get good plugins which will tell you that your How much percent is SEO done? Most bloggers use rank math to check the percentage of SEO.

Rank Math is such a plug-ins that will tell you what percentage of your website has been SEO. If you have a little knowledge about SEO, then you can do SEO comfortably and you will get both onpage and offpage. SEO has to be taken care of.

Benefits of doing SEO

What Is SEO
Benefits of doing SEO

Let us know what are the benefits of doing SEO. traffic

  As soon as we do SEO of our posts, we start getting oragnic traffic from Google, which is very beneficial for our blog and the more organic traffic that comes, the more it will be good for our blog. ranking

As soon as you do SEO on your website in a proper way, then you will get a lot of traffic, which will increase the ranking of your website and if your website ranks, then you will get traffic from Google all over. When the traffic of your website will increase, then it is normal that your income will also increase.

You people have got good information about SEO, if you like the information, then you also know the difference between SEO and SEM.


SEO means organic traffic means how much traffic is coming from the search engine to your website, you just have to optimize your blog according to the search engine.


Sem means paid promotion when you run an ad camapaign to promote your website on google which is created by google, it is called search engine marketing.

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