Today we are going to give you complete information about backlinks. To know information about backlinks, you have to read this content completely, only then you will be able to be aware of the information related to backlinks. If you are careless in reading the content, then the information may be incomplete for you. Therefore, I would like to advise you that you should read this content completely. You want to know in this content what is backlinks, how to make backlinks, what are the benefits of making backlinks. I will try to give you as much information as possible about backlinks through this content.

What is backlink
What is backlink

What is backlink?

I will try to understand you in a simple language about backlinks through When a person puts a link to your website in his own website, then we call it backlink. I try to understand it in a more simple language. It may be that you have not understood correctly. When any person in the world puts a link to someone else’s website in his website, then it is called a backlink.

If you still do not understand, then try to understand about backlink through an example.

Like I told you that the name of my website is  if the content of your and my website are of the same category, then if we put the link of your content in our website, then you get backlink from our And the chances of your website getting ranked also increase a lot. Sometimes it also happens that if any of your content is liked by the other website, then they put the link of your content in their website even if that content is not of that category. The category of which the content belongs to that website.

Type Of Backlink

Now we will know what are the types of backlinks. But to get the right information about backlinks, read the content completely and stay connected to for more information. If you are blogging then you must have knowledge that there are two types of backlinks.

Nofollow backlink

Dofollow backlink

  1. Nofollow Backlink 

When you check about backlink in your website, then if you get nofollow backlink on it. This means that any website owner has not put the link of your content in their website. Even if you put it, it is not giving you any importance. Nofollow backlinks make a big difference to your website. Because on getting nofollow backlink, the content falls down in the eyes of Google. And you do not get any kind of benefit from the nofollow backlink.

The easiest way to identify nofollow backlinks

<ahref=”apki website ka”rel=”nofollow”>linktext</a>

  1. DoFollow Backlink

When you check about the backlink of your website, then if you get Dofollow backlink on it. This means that a website owner has put a link to your content in their website. This means that the founder of that website wants to promote your website, this term is also called linkjuice. And its direct difference is on the rank of your website because getting dofollow backlink makes your website rank very fast. And it is possible that because of one dofollow backlink, your website may rank very high, which you never thought about. But to reach this height, you will need to put the best content on your website.

Easy way to identify dofollow backlink

<a href=”apki website ka”>linktext</a>

How backlink is created

What is backlink
How backlink is created

This idea is also in the mind of many people that after all how to make backlink, then I will try to learn you in simple language how to make backlink. We will try to understand this process step by step.

Guest post

Suppose that you have written any content for your website, you are writing the same content for another website. After uploading that content, you get a backlink to your blog’s home page from that website or from the post of that website, then this type of backlink is called dofollow backlink. 

Quality content

As I told you above in this post that you should try to put the best content on your website because when your post has some different quality then you will get backlink yourself. That’s why I would like to tell you again and again that you should pay maximum attention to the quality of your content.

social media sharing

I would like you sir to pay more attention to the quality of your content, you will not need to share your content anywhere. People with many websites will advise you to create your account on social media and on all these social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you have to create pages and share the post, this idea is also not wrong but you will pay attention to your content. So you won’t need any of these. People will share your content themselves when there is information in your content. This will also make it easier for you to get backlinks.

internal linking

People who do blogging are well acquainted with internal links that what is internal link, but still I will try to explain because many times new beginning people also read the content. Internal link means to put the link of your own post in another post of your own website. Internal link makes a difference on SEO because your SEO increases by applying internal link. And the rank of your post also increases.

Putting a link to another post on one of your posts is called internal linking, this will benefit you in ranking.

Question-answer forum

If you people also do blogging then you have to join question answer forum, joining these forums will also benefit more in your website traffic and if you people can join quora then people here will ask you questions and you You will have to answer and you can also share the link of your website here and it will also help you in backlinks. From my experience this is the right way to get backlinks.

how to make backlink

What is backlink
how to make backlink

Today we will also learn step by step about easy way to create backlink and learn how to create backlink.

Quality links

If you people are also interested in blogging, then you should definitely make quality links. With quality links, I mean that you should create more and more dofollow links so that your website can rank quickly. If you people want to take dofollow backlink, then always take backlink from the website whose domain authority is more than your website so that you can also get more profit. and increase the ranking of your site. I have a great example for this. If you write a post on the topic of how to earn money online, then you have to take backlinks from those sites which are similar to this topic.

Anchor text

If you do blogging then you must have got backlinks at some point or the other. When a website owner puts a link to your content on his website, then through which text he is adding a link to your website on his website, that text is called anchor text. Many people do not know the meaning of text only, we would like to tell those people who know the meaning of text that text means link.

You need to know that this text should also be related to your same text for which you are taking backlink. Like if you are taking backlink on how to earn money online then your anchor text should also be the same how to earn money online then right Will stay If your content is different and its content is different then your site will not be able to rank as much as it should.


Most of the bloggers know the meaning of Spamming but still I will try to explain to you. Let’s try to know the meaning of Spamming in simple language, what is Spamming after all. Spamming means that you should never take backlinks from websites that Google does not recommend. You have to try to create maximum quality backlinks for your site.

What is backlink
Benefits of creating backlinks

The biggest advantage of creating backlinks is that your website is ranked very fast. Backlinks will also help you a lot in doing SEO. The more backlinks you have, the more you can do your SEO. You should try to make more and more backlinks on your blog so that your website traffic can also increase and your blog can be ranked. I would advise you that you should always focus on making maximum quality backlinks. So that you can also benefit and your income will also increase.

I hope that you must have liked the information related to backlinks. If you liked the information, then you can also take other information, whether it is from any category. You can also get information about GPS, email marketing. For information, you will only need to click on the link. and you will get the information immediately

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