Justice For Rabia Saifi
Justice For Rabia Saifi

Justice For Rabia Saifi

Through this post, you are going to know from where the case of Rabia Saifai has reached. You must have known from this previous post that Rabia Saifai was a 21-year-old girl from Sangam Vihar who worked in Delhi Civil Defense. But suddenly such a thing happened with him, due to which the anger of the people of entire India is being seen.

In the case of rape and murder of Rabia Saifai, today the whole country is standing with her family to get justice for Rabia Saifai and is also demanding a CBI inquiry. I hope that you people will definitely like the information and I hope that you will also support Rabia Saifai’s family to get justice. So that the culprits of Rabia can get the right punishment. And every girl of the country can feel safe.

Rabia Saifi News

Justice For Rabia Saifi
Justice For Rabia Saifi

Rabia Saifi aka Sabia Saifi is a 21-year-old girl from Sangam Vihar. 21-year-old Sabia, a resident of Sangam Vihar, Delhi, is a police defense officer who started her service 4 months ago. Rabia lived in Delhi and was brutally murdered in Faridabad, Haryana.

Rabia Saifi Case

It has been told by Rabia’s family members (mother, father and brother) that Rabia went on duty like everyday on 26 August 2021. But even after getting late in the night she did not return home. Rabia also called home at 8:00PM but due to some reason we could not pick up the call. When Rabia got more nights and she did not return home, the family members became very worried. When the call was made for Rabia, her mobile was switched off. When Rabia was seen going to his office, it came to know that Rabia was not there.

In Faridabad, the police find the body of a girl and that body was of a girl named Rabia. After this, the police sent that body for post-mortem, after the post-mortem, Rabia’s body was handed over to the family members. You want to tell people that no information has been available about Rabia Saifi’s medical report yet.

Rabia Saifi Family

Justice For Rabia Saifi
Justice For Rabia Saifi

Rabia’s family members say that when Rabia’s body was found, there were many knife wounds on her body. There were also knife marks on Rabia’s face. That is why the family members say that Rabia was gang-raped and then murdered. It has been told by the family members of Rabia that there should be a CBI inquiry into this matter.

Rabia’s family has been protesting outside their house in Sangam Vihar for a week, demanding a CBI probe and a fair investigation.

Rabia Saifi (Sabia Saifi)

About Rabia Saifi When people came to know that a girl named Rabia Saifi used to work in Civil Defense in Delhi.  such a wrong has happened to that girl, then anger is being seen inside the people. The family members of Rabia Saifi and many people along with them are protesting on the road to get justice for Rabia and are continuously demanding CBI investigation.

Rabia Saifi Big Update

21-year-old civil defense officer Rabia Saifi was allegedly murdered in Delhi. She was kidnapped by a man on August 27, after which the accused also raped her and stabbed her to death. She was posted in South East Delhi’s SDM office and was a resident of Delhi’s Sangam Vihar.

People are getting angry after hearing such news about Rabia Saifi. Hearing this shocking news, many people of India are demanding justice for Rabia Saifi. People are also performing with her family to get justice for Rabia Saifi.

Who is Rabia Saifi?

Rabia Saifi is a 21-year-old girl from Sangam Vihar. From Rabia also used to work in Civil Defense in Delhi.

How old is Rabia Saifi?

21 Years

Rabia Saifi’s family

Father, Mother, Brother

What is Rabia Saifi’s father’s name?

Update soon

What is Rabia Saifi’s Mother’s name?

Update Soon

What is Rabia Saifi’s Brother’s name?

Update soon

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