hindilinks4u 2022
hindilinks4u 2022

Hindilinks4u is a torrent website that brings pirated movies to its users. Film lovers are always looking forward to it to watch every latest movie free of cost. They have special expertise in providing its follower with new movies even if they are not released and give their downloading and streaming free.

History of Hindilinksforu Website

It is the oldest website for pirated movies. It has been banned by India, the USA, and other countries of the world, but it remains a popular site and entertains its viewers by changing its domain extension.it often uses .info, .un, .in, as extension .following links all are used by 7starHD Movies.

Is Hindilinksforu a risk for users?

Like other torrent movies, it is not risk-free as it also involves a lot of risk for users and viewers. These are of various kinds.

  1. Identity theft of a downloader who tries to get free-of-cost movies.
  2. Your account can easily be hacked as they are always vulnerable sites.
  3. Viruses can affect your computer system and disable it from functioning.

Languages in which Hindilinksforyou release films

It is considered don for releasing Hollywood and Bollywood movies mostly in English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu, but it is not all we know.it has the feature of audio by which we can watch movies in any desired language

Hindilinks4u working method

This website has a special pattern of working across the world. Its network is like a spider net. They are so protected that they release movies before they a presented in the cinemas and on TV. 

  1. Unknown persons operate its network
  2. They are frequently chased by secret state agencies and are banned frequently.
  3. They keep themselves alive by changing the domain extensions.

What makes Hindilinks4u unique? 

  1. It is easily accessible to users, and working is very efficient .you don’t feel any embarrassment while using it.
  2. Movies’ quality is always excellent as it is available in HD 360p,480p,720p, and1080p.
  3. A large collection of movies are available for viewers of all kinds. This variety always made this site a special attraction for movie lovers.
  4. Highly qualified and professional web designers design this, so this site provides uninterrupted entertainment to its reader.

Types of movies released by Hindilinks4u

This site is not limited to specific types of movies and offers all kinds of movies to its viewers. This site is a complex with various movies available to watch .you can watch horror, romance, moral, fantasies, comedies, tragedies, historical, biographical, and informative kinds of movies. They are all available in almost all living languages. So it remains a top priority for film viewers.

Conlusion about Hindilinks4u 

As we mentioned above other torrent websites like Hindilinks4u 2022 and the Latest 300MB Hindi Dubbed Movies HD, Hollywood Dubbed Movies, New Web Series, or Dual Audio Movies Download 720p you will get to see many types of movies, but this is a pirated site. And pirated content is one of the biggest problems of digital media worldwide. A lot of pirated content is available for free to online users. This website violates the Anti-Proxy Law of the government.

Movies Language available in Hindilinks4you

You can watch a movie in any language. It has a feature that can dub any movie into any language. Besides it, you can have access to several movies in original, e.g. English, Spanish, Urdu, Hindi, etc. which also makes it attractive for its viewers.

Alternatives to Hindilinks4u

No doubt Hindilinks4u is on top in providing pirated and dubbed movies free of cost to its viewers, but it doesn’t mean he has no alternatives. A list of its competitors is as follows:

Economic impacts of torrent sites like Hindilinks4you

Hollywood and Bollywood are big industries globally, and the bulk of the population is linked with this profession. This is a source of income of hundreds and thousands. The piracy of video is a big economic loss for this industry. Ultimately, filmmakers and the government are to face a huge economic loss .this loss impacts the employment of a lot. Filmmakers fire their employees to save their loss, and on the other hand, government tax collection diminishes. Thus, piracy is not a well-known business and can destroy the film industry. Therefore maximum effort should be taken to prevent it.

Indian government and Hindilinks4u

Pricy never remained a welcome business in the world. It is an illegal activity and is considered a crime across the world. The Indian government also considered it a crime and never allowed or encouraged it to be practiced on its border. The Indian government, since of birth of this torrent site, has been working its level best to stop it and time and again, taking measures and doing legislation to stop it.

Punishment for using Hindilinks4u website

Bollywood and Hollywood are two big world film industries, .so the Indian government has banned the use of 7starsHD movies and others of its kind to protect the interest of investors in the film industry. The Indian government will impound anyone found in the privacy and using pirated sites. He will be fined one million rupees and be sent to a cell for 3 years

Legall Alternative sites of Hindilinks4u

It is always advisable to use OTT platforms to watch movies instead of illegal sites like Hindilinks4u. The platforms are paid, legal, and involve no risk of viruses and identity theft. Here are a few alternatives to it:


Amazon Prime Video

Disney Hotstar




Big Flix


Newsjankary.com does not aim to promote or condone piracy in any way. Piracy is an act of crime and is considered a serious offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. This page aims to inform the general public about piracy and encourage them to be safe from such acts. We further request you not to encourage or engage in piracy in any form.

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