Brevet 2021 Result : Subject, Notes, Result, Complete Information

Brevet 2021 Result
Brevet 2021 Result

Brevet 2021 Result Date

College Certificate Result :

The college patent results are expected to be published between July 6 and July 10, 2021. See you in early July to find out the results, according to the academies: Connect for free from home or from your mobile to find out if You have received your Brevet des College Diploma! Do you want to know whether you have passed your exam? Find out as you step out of the exam room about topics and corrections for the brevet and professional brevet exams.

(For more information on the results of the National Diploma of Patent – DNB visit our website) Stay connected with the site so that you can get all the news of the result and read the whole post carefully to get more information about this exam.

A republican ceremony is held to reward the students who have received their first diploma of patent. This graduation ceremony “makes it possible to salute the merit of a student who has successfully attended his schooling”. It will be conducted in colleges.

2021 College Certificate in a Nutshell 

Third year students, to obtain the College Certificate (National Diploma of Patent – DNB) have to be held on Monday 28 June and Tuesday 29 June, 2021. To obtain the College Certificate of National Diploma of Patent, each student needs to score at least 400 out of 800 marks. Continuous monitoring represents 400 points. And there is an oral exam in which it has to be done out of 100 marks. This oral exam is usually taken in the month of April every year. The 4 subjects taken in June (French, Mathematics, History-Geography and Moral and Civic Education and Science) represent 300 marks.

What are the subjects for science exam in 2021?

Each year only 2 of the 3 subjects studied in science are evaluated during the written exam for patents. This year, the students of the general series will work on Physics-Chemistry and SVT and the students will work in the professional series on Physics-Chemistry and Technology. The subjects of the tests, the dates of the results and the marks to obtain the National Diploma of Patent 2021 Find the number. 860,037 candidate patents pass, including 782,215 in the general series and 77,822 in the professional series. It is the first major test of third grade students’ schooling, and assesses the culture, knowledge and skills the student has acquired at the end of college.

Patent 2021: when?

The written exam for National Patent Diploma 2021 has been held on 28th and 29th June 2021. The date of the oral exam for a patent depends on each school. It takes place between May and the last day of the written exam.

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